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Lost 45 lbs.; 19.25”; 3.7% Body Fat

Blood Pressure went from 156/88 to 132/74

“Well my 6 week diet has come to an end. I still have some more to lose and will start the diet back up when the proper time off of it has passed. Thanks to Dr. Christian Thompson for helping me lose 45lbs in 6 weeks...2 weeks of this I was in bed after my back surgery.”





Lost 26 lbs; 30.25”; 3.1% Body Fat

“Okay, so a couple of months ago I weighed 220 lbs. Yes, yes I did. Then after 6 weeks of doctor monitored weight loss I lost 26 lbs. A week and a half later after the program now I'm 190 lbs. Still working on losing another 50 but baby steps and God's strength and lots of prayers.  Regardless, here's a before/after picture of the 6 week program. Yey, praise the Lord. Went from a size 20 to a 16 and they're loosening up.”





Lost 20 lbs; 27.25”; 2.5% Body Fat

Blood Pressure went from 119/92 to 106/76

“Before, During and After shot! I was blissfully unaware or just in denial about how I looked after having my son. Most of my eating habits were "whatever was convenient" or the easiest. Thank you for ChiroThin and Dr. C for finding this program and for believing in it. Without that I would not have been able to stay as dedicated or encouraged. I am so proud of the changes I see in myself and in all of the others who endured the 6 weeks of life style changes!

Before=jeans and shirt I bought to "hide" in
During= my pre baby wardrobe! My favorite Silvers-no spandex and a medium shirt from Buckle
After= all pre pre baby clothes! I haven't been able to wear in years (3) size 10 jeans and a medium long sleeve from buckle-no spandex it's a lace cotton blend so it doesn't stretch much or at all.

Thank you!!!”



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Lost 27 lbs, 12”, 2.9% Body Fat

“Happy to report week 1 of maintenance has been a success. I am down another two pounds, keeping to the healthy habits I learned during my 6 week losing phase and the burst training hasn't been as rough as I thought it would be (and yes I have even run). Where there's a will there's a way! Thanks Dr. C for helping to bring about a life change that was long overdue. Feeling great and determined to stay the course!”



Lost 20lbs; 19” overall; Body Fat 3.7%

“Today is my Day 42. I finally got on the scale...and I am EXACTLY (to the ounce!) 20 pounds lighter than I was before my first Loading day 42 days ago, I'm doing the happy, Happy, HAPPY dance and am so thankful!




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