Insurance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Are you In-Network with my insurance?

Our office is Out-of-Network with all insurance companies other than Medicare.


Do you accept Medicare Advantange or "Staywell"?

Medicare Advantage is a replacement plan. We cannot bill for this type of insurance because it is not a true Medicare. Although, depending on the portion of the spine Dr. Christian adjusts, we can honor the Medicare allowable so that you are able to receive a discounted rate.

We do not accept Staywell.


Do you accept Tri-Care?

Tri-Care does not have benefits with Out-of-Network providers.

If you have Medicare and Tri-Care, you will have a co-pay per visit.


I have Medicare. How does your office go about that process?

To go through Medicare, medical necessity must be seen. You will need to be seen twice a week for six weeks along with initial and follow up x-rays. If seen less than this required amount, Medicare considers it maintenance which they do not cover.

Dr. Christian will determine during your initial visit if going through Medicare is necessary for your care.

** Please let our staff know when you make your New Patient Appointment that you have Medicare **


I do not have Medicare. How can I see if I have any Out-of-Network benefits with you?

If you would like to know if you have any benefits with us before your appointment, there is a customer service phone number on the back of your insurance card. You are welcome to give them a call and they can provide that information for you. Let them know you are checking your benefits for Chiropractic Care with an office Out-of-Network.

If you are not able to confirm your benefits before your new patient appointment, we would be happy to take a copy of your insurance card during your appointment and let you know once we verify it!


What happens if I have Out-of-Network benefits?

Once we verify your insurance benefits for our records, you will pay up front like a normal cash patient for your care. As you come in for your visits, we will give you what we call a Superbill - a statement from our office stating your visit, the reason for your visit, and your payment made. Because we do not work directly with any insurance companies, you will be responsible for submitting the Superbills in to your provider to get reimbursed via mail.