Product Recommendations


Fish Oil (Capsules, Liquid or Concentrate)

Dr. Christian is not big into supplements, but he is a big fan of Fish Oil! Fish Oil has many benefits to the body including: joint lubrication, anti-inflammatory in the joints, arteries, heart, and digestive tract. It also protects the myelin sheath (protective covering) of your brain and nerves!

The optimal amount that is recommended for you is: 2,000 mg of EPA/DHA per DAY.

Some guidelines to follow:

  • Fish oil must be refrigerated
  • It must contain Vitamin E (Tocopherol).
  • If it "repeats" on you, take it before going to bed.
  • Do not take if you are on blood thinners (Coumadin).
  • It can spike your blood sugar, monitor carefully.
  • Gel caps should have at least 500mg/EPA/DHA per capsule. Liquid is more concentrated. Let your dose of liquid sit out for a few minutes before taking.
  • If you live in the north with very little sun exposure in the winter months, take Cod Liver EPA/DHA since it's high in Vitamin D.
  • Flax Seed oil is ALA Omega-3 (not EPA/DHA), its benefits are different.


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